Living in Yellow

Living in Yellow


Although yellow can be one of those colours that even the bold individualds among us can hide away from, it has become this season's it colour and is an essential for every girl's summer wardrobe. So this post is all about how to embrace such a bold move and style this colour with the hottest pieces around.


A daunting aspect for those of us who tend to just stick to black or neutral colours in our wardrobes... but yellow is officially popular.

Each new fashion season sees a new intense trend that follows throughout every designer collection and clothing store and this summer it's yellow!

The more I think about it the more I realise I actually really like the idea of a bold statement colour in my wardobe that will help me to stand out from the rest... and here at Once Upon A Time Clothing, that's exactly what the yellow in our SS18 collection embodies, (shown in the image links above). The difference with this collection as opposed to any other is that there is no need to dress up the yellow in your outfit with accssories such as necklaces and bold statement earrings to pull the outfit together because the item already does this for you. With the intricate detailing and patterns on the clothing, your outfit will already come together... easy enough to style the top with jeans, shorts or a mini skirt depending on what takes your fancy - you can be assured that you will be one of only a handful of individuals that own that piece.

Our little Violet Mini Dress (above left), is the perfect fix for those long, hot summer days where all you want is to wear something simple but still beautiful.

Our Maxi Dress (above left), is similarly light and easy to wear, even despite being ancle length.

Floaty and airy, there is no need to worry about being too hot in this Maxi. Simply throw the dress on and you're ready for any event... be it just a day dress or be it an evening outfit, this dress fits any occasion.

Overall we are loving the yellow vibe and totally support the idea that bold colours are back in style! Bring on the Summer!

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