The Holiday Shop : What to wear

The Holiday Shop : What to wear

Although fun, planning for holiday can be a stressful time!! Especially when you have to fit everything into one suitcase when you would really love to opt to take your entire wardrobe if you could!!

Trying to fit in a thousand outfits into one bag is a problem when you love clothes and fashion as much as we do. That's why we've put together an entire summer wardrobe that is super stylish, including all the latest trends and styles which won't take you over the weight limit for your flight.



Florals are totally in right now! As they are every year, right? ...Groundbreaking.

Well this year is seeing a surge in patterned tees, an amazing alternative if your the kind of person that gets easily bored of seeing florals all throughout Spring/Summer time.

We have put togther an entire list of all the patterned tee's in our collection alongside ideas of how and what to style them with... soooo get shopping!!

How to Wear a Halterneck

All of these tees belong to the Once Upon A Time Clothing SS18 Collection.


1. South Beach Off the Shoulder Halterneck Blouse in Pink and Blue. This tee also comes in blue & brown.

2. Saharan Winds Halterneck Top In Brown.

3. Forget Me Not Off The Shoulder Blouse In Black.

4. Dottie Halterneck Top in Red.

5. Forget Me Not Off The Shoulder Floral Halterneck Blouse In Red.

This tee is easy to style with jeans or shorts, perhaps even a mini denim skirt as seen bellow with the Forget Me Not version of the tee... it's all about simplicity. Summer clothes should be fun, free and 'floaty', which is exactly what this top embodies. The perfect halterneck top for the perfect summer holiday!

Cool Cold Shoulder tees

 Patterned tops white black yellow top tees Once Upon A Time

Cold shouder tees add that little bit of summer sexy to your wardobe every girl should have.

They're that cute tee which lets you show a little flesh to impress, whilst still being modest in style and beauty. The Once Upon A Time Clothing Cold Shoulder tees are playful and easy to style. They allow that pop of colour and vibrancy that is an essential summer must have to be the most stylish girl around.

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